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The debut album from The Wedding Present, recorded by the original four-piece line-up alongside guest vocalist Amelia Fletcher of Talulah Gosh / Heavenly and produced by Chris Allison, works brilliantly as an accessible, if at times gut-wrenching, introduction to the band. It was popularized by fanzines, late night radio and word-of-mouth. It was spawned by a provincial, unglamorous group and centres around universally relatable subject matter, conveyed in bluntly matter-of-fact terms. It would be nearly impossible to name the standout tracks, since the band's strength lies in the fact that every tune is so solid: it should suffice to mention Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft, My Favourite Dress, and Anyone Can Make a Mistake - then remember that nearly every song on the album is just as good as those that have been picked out as singles.

The Wedding Present - George Best LP Released 11/10/19

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