Rock and roll is a religion. It's a commitment to an ideal, a belief system. The lifestyle and trappings may appear to be glamorous and romantic, but the road isn't easy. It requires staying power and an enormous amount of faith. The Pretty Reckless (Taylor Momsen - Vocals, Ben Phillips - Guitar, Jamie Perkins - drums, and Mark Damon - bass) are truly a rock and roll band. Embodying unwavering integrity and serving up uncompromising anthems, The Pretty Reckless's twelve-year journey has quietly brought them from sweaty small gigs to successive number one hits, gold plaques, and some of the biggest stages in the world. However, 2017 set off a series of events that shook the group to its very core, yet ultimately cast their fourth full-length album in the kind of fire, tears and blood that doesn't ever wash off… "There was no way to hide from this," exclaims Taylor. "There was no running from what happened. I didn't have to 'write' it; it was just infused into what we're doing." As the story goes, The Pretty Reckless landed a prestigious tour in 2017, opening for Soundgarden in packed amphitheaters across the US. Then, following a rapturous gig in Detroit, Chris Cornell tragically took his life. The aftershocks reverberated throughout popular culture and left a scar on The Pretty Reckless. They retreated, cancelling most of their touring and disappeared from the public eye. It got even worse eleven months later, when The Pretty Reckless' muse, friend and longtime producer Kato, died in a motorcycle crash. "It sent us into a downward spiral." Ben reflects, "We fell apart. It turned into a world of depression and substance abuse. At that point, we had to try and figure out how to continue making music. It was either death or go forward." So Taylor and Ben turned to writing songs to channel the emotional toll, and in late 2018, The Pretty Reckless returned to the studio to record. For the first time, Taylor and Ben co-produced with longtime friend Jonathan Wyman. And the results are inspiring on so many levels.  "We lived this" Ben says. "Rock and roll means everything to us. Taylor sacrificed everything for this record. I think it shows." "We stuck to our ethics," Taylor concludes. "We built this up over time. Either you throw it all away or go for it. It's cliché, but rock and roll saved our lives."

The Pretty Reckless - Death By Rock And Roll LP Released 12/02/21

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