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The new album from New York singer, songwriter and producer Elliot Moss. Across eleven songs, Moss confronts the recent upheavals and adjustment periods in his life. A Change In Diet is a brave, inward-looking opus filled with sublimely simple textures, spartan beats, and poignant songwriting. Barricade, a song about the emotional stranglehold of obsessive relationships, features a steady drone that Moss likens to the sensation of falling, while its chorus suggests that boundaries are sometimes the only way to avoid feeling trapped. Silver and Gold and the album’s spiritual centerpiece Bodyintoshapes are powerful showcases of Moss’ newly incisive wordplay. And while July 4 details the ways we often run and hide from our pain, the act of writing these songs was anything but a retreat. With A Change In Diet, Moss begins a new journey, powered by a willingness to share his soul unadorned.

Elliot Moss - A Change In Diet LP Released 17/01/20

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