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Philadelphian multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer Swarvy makes his solo debut on Kamaal Williams's imprint Black Focus with a stunning new EP entitled Sunny Days Blue, his first release as the primary vocalist. Smoked-out sound beds and lofi guitars sit gently with Swarvy’s voice, creating a juxtaposition of melancholic, yet sweet, melodies that loop in your mind’s ear long after the record stops spinning. Bones opens with a stripped back rhythm section and existential observations referencing the human condition of overthinking, a recurring theme throughout the EP. Cool, No Compute and Smile subtly infuse jazz, funk and hip hop elements, while New Moon plays out as a low slung hypnotic hymn echoing gracefully into the record’s closer Ginger - a meditative ambient spiritual for solo piano. Since relocating to Los Angeles in 2015, Swarvy produced a variety of records via DJ House Shoes’ Street Corner Music, Leaving Records and Fresh Selects. His writing and engineering credits extend to dozens of tracks by artists such as Maxo, Earl Sweatshirt, Nia Andrews, Mndsgn, Liv.e and the late, legendary Tony Allen.

Swarvy - Sunny Days Blue EP Released 21/08/20

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