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When facing the daily maelstrom of concerns, complaints, and calamities in the news, in conversation, and in social media posts, a smile signals real rebellion. Eschewing self- centered woe and melancholy-for-the-sake-of-melancholy, happiness becomes the brashest, boldest, and ballsiest move—and the sought-after answer. Recognizing this truth, two-time Grammy Award-nominated singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer K. Flay sticks to a powerful, passionate, and positive mission statement on her third full-length album, Solutions. The album was catalyzed by a three-year whirlwind of world touring and prolific output, which found K. Flay seeking to remind herself of the simple pleasures in life again. Inspired by such an awakening and need for self-care, she’s translated this newfound acceptance into ten genre-bending bangers for the new album.

K. Flay - Solutions LP Released 12/07/19

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