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Eivør Pálsdóttir is an artist perfectly attuned to the savage vicissitudes of nature. Born & raised in Syðrugøta, a tiny community on one of the northerly Faroe Islands, Eivør grew up surrounded by the windswept landscape of the North Atlantic, a backdrop that has deeply influenced the elemental electronica she creates. Songs such as Tides & Fog Banks have tied themes like love and growing old to the primitive environment of her youth; she wrote Into The Mist about getting lost as a child on a local mountain, Støðlafjall. Forthcoming record, Segl - Eivør’s ninth, since releasing her debut at just 17 - builds on these motifs, exploring the journeys we undertake, both metaphorically and physically. The title – meaning ‘sail’ in Faroese – alludes to our desire for growth and direction, and the role of fate. “You have to hoist your own sail,” notes Eivør; “but you cannot control the wind.” Segl explores the navigation between the soft and rough edges of life - the balance that must be struck between strength and vulnerability, dark and light. “How will you find calm in the chaos?”

Eivor - Segl LP Released 18/09/20