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After two 7" teasers already this year, The Diamond Street Players drop their debut self-titled LP . The album brings you 10 delicious mid-and-uptempo grooves chock full of gritty and soulful Hammond organ instrumentals, backed up by the perennially hard-and-funky DSP rhythm section. Two vocal tracks round out the set, with Amanda Joy making her hypnotic vocal debut on Million Miles, and the powerhouse Adryon de Leon (Orgone and Matdor! Soul Sounds) bringing the heavy How Many Lies, How Many Times to LP glory. This studio band, led by organist & producer, Spencer Garn was recorded and mixed at Gemcos Diamond Street Studios in Atlanta, GA. If you thought the days of studio house bands (Stax, Motown, Muscle Shoals) were gone forever, then hop in and take a ride down Diamond Street with these players!

Diamond Street Players - Diamond Street Players LP Released 23/08/19

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