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Harvest Records release Banks’ third album, titled simply, III. Standout track is Look What You’re Doing To Me where Banks teamed up with co-producers BJ Burton (Bon Iver) and Francis and The Lights (the musical project of Francis Farewell Starline, who is also known for his collaborations with such artists as Kanye West and Chance the Rapper), to record the song. In addition to playing piano, Francis joins Banks on vocals. Life has its extremes – as documented on Banks’ Goddess and The Altar – but there’s a lot to exalt in, in between, and that’s the story III tells. “This album is an ode to my journey,” says Banks. “It documents a major growth spurt. Of self-acceptance, letting go, forgiveness, and deep love. It has been painful to realise that life is not black and white. Romanticism leads to fierce reality checks, which leads to wisdom, which leads to deeper empathy which leads to greater love. This album documents the cycle.” Available on CD and vinyl.

Banks - III CD Released 12/07/19

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