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The Neon Machine the latest album from Austin musician Abram Shook, is a dystopian dance party, and everyone's invited. In contrast to his quietly reflective 2017 album Love At Low Speed, the new album's mix of beats and slyly humorous lyrics might seem like a 180 at first glance. Those familiar with Shook's previous work, however, understand that he's always explored his own brand of off-kilter funk. Though he gives center stage to a vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, a drum sequencer, and his signature rubbery bass lines, something slightly sinister lurks beneath the surface. Using highly confessional lyrics and deeply personal insight to convey his trepidation towards the grim prospects of our time, he writes candidly about the country and culture that he's grown up with, but hasn't always felt at home in. Its backdrop is a party that's lasted too long, and in the foreground Shook serves as a narrator full of anxiety and skepticism, whose hangover has already begun.

Abram Shook - The Neon Machine CD Released 16/08/19

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