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The Keen Records albums represent Sam Cooke’s early body of work as a secular artist after a glorious six-year run fronting the Soul Stirrers. His voice had become the dominant force in the gospel sales prior to the release of You Send Me and Summertime. He was destined to become a major force in pop just as he had been in gospel. While this newly re-mastered collection includes standards and hits that had been associated with artists who came before Sam Cooke, Sam’s fresh approach made the repertoire his own and helped shape his own song-writing skills in a very tangible way. Within this period, Sam Cooke defined himself as a voice ahead of his time. His debut album, Sam Cooke, also known as Songs by Sam Cooke, was released in 1958, Encore followed quickly. It was absent any Sam Cooke originals and the cover depicted Sam swinging with jazz musicians behind him, an honest depiction of what was in the grooves of the LP within.

Sam Cooke - Sam Cooke LP Released 24/01/20

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