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R.E.M.’s ninth album, Monster, was released at a time when the band were coming off the peak of their mainstream success, following Out of Time (1991) and Automatic For The People (1992). Coming from a long break in touring (the band famously didn’t tour with the two previous records), Monster represented an intentional shift in R.E.M.’s sound, a “return to rock” with guitar laden, simple arrangements. It was released to strong reviews and significant global success – reaching #1 in at least 8 countries. The album includes the singles; What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?, Crush with Eyeliner, Bang and Blame, and Strange Currencies. This double LP reissue features the remastered album on record 1 and a complete remix by producer Scott Litt on record 2.

R.E.M. - Monster LP Released 01/11/19

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