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Musicology is the twenty-eighth studio album by Prince. It was originally released on April 20, 2004 by NPG Records. Instead of a dirty mind, Prince extols the joys of wedded bliss (he married Manuela Testolini on New Year's Eve 2001) on the slow, seductive Call My Name, displays a sardonic sense of humour when he skewers his old 80s rival michael Jackson on Life O The Party (My voice is getting higher / I ain't never had my nose done), and shows a rather tart and anxious social conscience throughout the disc; most eloquently articulated on the arch and acerbic Mr. Man where he not only references the gospel but the U.S. Constitution. Cinnamon Girl, which borrows its title from Neil Young's infamous seventies anthem comes closest to the inscrutable musician's former high water marks, and shows that Prince well deservedly is able to reclaim his thorny crown.

Prince - Musicology LP

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