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The debut album from Declan Welsh And The Decadent West features 12 studio recordings, produced by the esteemed Chris Marshall in Glasgow (Gerry Cinnamon, Baby Strange, The Dunts, The Van T's etc). Setting a precedent to expect the unexpected on their debut, new single No Fun is one such example of many left-turns to be found littering the intrinsically volatile Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold. Marking a shift in gear from the political to the personal, No Fun is a snarky riposte to performatively interesting party-goers, as it charges through 3 minutes of razor wire guitars and galloping drums. With Welsh in parts trading his distinctly Glaswegian accent with a southern twang, the singer makes a sly dig at the London A&R men who are too often lacking in self-awareness. From the appropriation of Scottish working class ‘buckfast’ culture, to that one guy wearing a bucket hat ironically blaring out 80’s cheese, desperate to be the life of the party, No Fun takes aim at the various forms of ‘party chat’ encountered in a Glasgow flat at 3am.

Declan Welsh And The Decadent West - Cheaply Bought Expensively Sold LP 18/10/19

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