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Black Star Riders, who consist of Ricky Warwick (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Scott Gorham (Lead Guitar) and Robert Crane (Bass) together with recent additions Chad Szeliga (Drums, ex-Black Label Society) and Christian Martucci (Lead Guitar, Stone Sour) recorded the album at Sphere Studios in Burbank, California in February. Ricky Warwick: "I’m absolutely thrilled to be back with a brand new Black Star Riders Album. In my honest opinion this is the best record the band has made! This is Christian and Chad’s first album with the band and they have brought a fantastic energy and vibe". Scott Gorham adds "It was great to be back in Los Angeles and recording with Jay Ruston was an absolute pleasure. I am excited to see everyone’s reactions to this amazing record… and I can’t wait to get back on the road and play you these new songs!" Once again, ‘Another State Of Grace’ delivers a masterclass in assured Hard Rock. The magnificent celtic guitar riffs on the title track; 'Ain’t The End Of the World' channels classic Thin Lizzy alongside the melodic class of ‘Tonight The Moonlight Let Me Down’. Lyrically the more emotive side of the band is covered in ‘What Will It Take’ and topical ‘Why Do You Love Your Guns?'.

Black Star Riders - Another State Of Grace CD Released 06/09/19

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