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Sky Valley Mistress are 4 young upstarts from Blackburn, Lancashire, full of spit and vinegar who have delivered a ferocious, two fingered hello to rest of the world with their debut album Faithless Rituals. Eight tracks of fierce passion and spirit, blistering stoner rock 'n' roll with huge riffs, buckets of fuzz and hooks guaranteed to nail you to the wall from the get go. Couple that with inciendiary playing one of the best female vocalists around and you have one helluva debut album. In fact, Sky Valley Mistress could easily hold their own against the likes of Jim Jones, Rival Sons, Royal Blood, BRMC or any other rockers greasy or otherwise. Limited edition LP includes Faithless Rituals Board Game, 16 Tarot Cards, 4 Tokens, Game Spinner and Instructions.

Sky Valley Mistress - Faithless Rituals LP Released 20/03/20

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