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Pale Mare is loud, heavy metal trio blending elements of heavy groove with punishing riffs. 'Sounding like Motörhead developing a penchant for doom, this self-titled EP is raw, heavy and filthy in the best possible way' - Metal Hammer. "The self-titled debut EP from Toronto, ON-based post-metal/sludge act Pale Mare contains three songs of utter heaviness. Filled with dense, High On Fire-style groove-laden riffs, the release combines crushing aggression with doomy rhythms and harsh noisy soundscapes......the EP is super heavy on the distortion and has an extremely raw sound throughout, yet it's well-executed. It's an extremely solid debut and an indicator of great things to come; Pale Mare are definitely a band to keep an eye on." - Exclaim! Magazine

Pale Mare - Pale Mare 12" Released 07/06/19


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