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Nick Waterhouse Live at Pappy and Harriet’s came immediately after a long and intense string of European tour dates, which came immediately after a certain reckoning that most musicians encounter at some point, or several points, in their careers: a point where Nick Waterhouse, whose artistry and musicality evokes a blistering energy and drive, was questioning the whole thing—the shows, the exhaustion, the money, the will. It turned out that the excitement and momentum that fuelled the 2019 European tour answered those questions in the resounding positive. And Live at Pappy and Harriet’s reflects the work of an artist who has seen some things. He’s studied, he’s composed, he’s receptive, he’s loose, and he’s gotten to know his own artistic practice in a way that shows up, fiery and raw, on this live, hometown record.

Nick Waterhouse - Live At Pappy & Harriet's CD Released 13/11/20