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On his third and most finely wrought album yet, guitarist, singer, and master interpreter Fussell is joined for the first time by a full band featuring Nathan Bowles (drums), Casey Toll (bass), Nathan Golub (pedal steel), Libby Rodenbough (violin, vocals), and James Anthony Wallace (piano, organ). An utterly transporting selection of traditional narrative folksongs addressing the troubles and delights of love, work, and wine (i.e., the things that matter), collected from a myriad of obscure sources and deftly metamorphosed, Out of Sight contains, among other moving curiosities, a fishmonger’s cry that sounds like an astral lament (The River St. Johns); a cotton mill tune that humorously explores the unknown terrain of death and memory (Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues); and a fishermen’s shanty / gospel song equally concerned with terrestrial boozing and heavenly transcendence (Drinking of the Wine).

Jake Xerxes Fussell - Out Of Sight LP Released 07/06/19

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