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Hailing from Brighton, Intechnicolour are a riffy, groovy, stoner-rock band with a knack for creating a colourful song or two. Formed in 2015 through a want to play loud music through slightly broken amps, the basis of the band was formed. Comprised of members from the likes of Delta Sleep, LUO and Broker, here are a fully formed band of technically gifted musicians cutting loose and playing music that's about as far removed from their day jobs as it's possible to get, and doing it better than a good portion of their contemporaries. Landing somewhere between the slack desert-groove of Kyuss and Karma to Burn, the band combine yet deeply satisfying riffs with a dynamic vocal style calls to mind the sounds of Baroness, Gojira and Mastodon. The band have previously been quoted as saying that they "literally have nothing to say about themselves", but with music this good, it's highly likely that there'll be plenty of others willing to do the talking for them.

Intechnicolour - Big Sleeper LP Released 21/02/20

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