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On their second album Made Me Feel, Fabrikate take a trip back to the glory days of disco, a time when love was the answer, inclusion was the only message worth spreading and everyone was invited. Both Francis and Chuck have their own personal tie to the disco era and the forgotten magic it left with. They grew up listening to celestial funk throughout their childhoods in Montreal, an island with deep disco roots of its own. The music they produce as Fabrikate takes the spirit of disco and weave it into a modern sound, with breathtaking results. Across 14 unique tracks, Made Me Feel blends both house music and disco influences into a sound that while heavily influenced by the sounds of the past, also manages to remain rooted in modern-day dancefloors, and takes inspiration from the US, Europe and of course their native Canada. From the very start of album opener It’s Coming Down, the tone is set: a triumphant brass refrain that drops into a fast-paced 4/4 beat and glorious vocals. From there the album kicks on in magnificent fashion with the life-affirming filtered loops of Feed The Flame and basement stomp of Into The Ground, one of the album’s most overtly house records. A joyous homage to an era of which happiness and hedonism was the main focus of the music, Made Me Feel is a phenomenal accomplishment, and one that will bring joy to disco revivalists and newcomers alike.

Fabrikate - Made Me Feel LP Released 11/12/20

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