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Cold In Berlin return with their new album Rituals Of Surrender. Nine slabs of fuzz laden, goth infused doom rock crossed with post punk attitude and vibe. There are rituals surrounding all acts of surrender; the strange dance we perform before the many endings scattered throughout our lives, before the next beginning rises from the dust. Cold in Berlin’s new album Rituals of Surrender offers up thunderous modern fables, crawling from the wreckage of an ordinary life -dark and hopeful -standing tall in the debris. Over nine songs you are submerged into the dense, heavy sounds of their fourth album: A witch crawls from the ocean as the world is born looking for a new life, a woman recalls the painful love she needed to feel alive, a man cracks wide open looking for secrets, and love burns two desperate lovers -the songs are filled with heroic and overwhelming loss wrapped in the hope of what comes next.

Cold In Berlin - Rituals Of Surrender CD Released 11/10/19


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