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Armed with a selection of bedroom demos built up over several years, Angie and her friend Alex O’Gorman (co-producer, bass player) retreated to a scout hall about an hour outside of Angie’s hometown. They rented the country property for a week and finished recording Angie’s debut record, a unique collection of songs that range from whispering ballads to punchy rock.

The album dips in and out of crunchy guitar sounds, propelling drums, and moments of delicacy and isolation, all lead by Angie’s truthful storytelling as she inspects the sometimes quiet and sometimes brutal lessons that have come with growing into a young woman. Angie’s intimate and powerful song writing couples melancholy and solitude with anthemic guts. Throughout Salt there is a musical fluidity and freedom as Angie showcases various influences. It is her soaring vocal and intimate lyrics that remain the focal point, closing with the album’s final song which almost resembles a lullaby.

Angie McMahon - Salt LP Released 26/07/19

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