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Various Channels is a new series within the Darker Than Wax catalogue - a selector-led compilation series that pushes diversity in sound while also encapsulating a common connection of what brings people together. For the first volume, it’s all about location. Deeply inspired by the new wave of creative energy in New York City, the label is proud to present Various Channels Vol. 1 : NYC - a compilation highlighting key artists at the forefront of NYC’s blooming music ecosystem, curated by selector Marco Weibel. While Darker Than Wax was born in Singapore, the label's satellite (or second) home is NYC. This compilation serves as a snapshot of this moment in time, spotlighting select artists making waves - including Jitwam, James Tillman, Toribio, Ensemble Entendu, David Marston and Tristan Arp. This project is also personal to Marco’s experience of digging deep into the city and connecting with kindred spirits, the selections reflecting the creative energy of his close musical family, who traverse eclectic sound spectrums from R&B/Soul, Balearic Grooves, House, Broken Beat and beyond.

Various Artists - Various Channels Volume 1 LP Released 24/07/20


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