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Type O Negative’s fifth studio album, World Coming Down, is reissued for it’s first worldwide stand-alone release on vinyl. Remastered for maximum fidelity. This is limited to a one-time pressing. Word Coming Down features most of the Type O Negative staples: sly goth send-ups in Creepy Green Light and All Hallows Eve, which wallows in their vampire-movie imagery; another catchy, darkly erotic goth-girl fantasy, Pyretta Blaze, about the blurry lines between sexual submission and self-obliterating obsession. There are some real surprises on the record, songs when Steele drops his usual knowing wink and expresses real pain and suffering still veiled in sarcasm and melodrama, to be sure, but it's obvious that Everyone I Love Is Dead, World Coming Down, and Everything Dies were written with firsthand knowledge of their subjects, not as ironic goofs.

Type O Negative - World Coming Down LP Released 20/03/20

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