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Ladies and Gentlemen...ask and ye shall receive! Since the release of Scone Cash Playersʼ (yes, that's right! Adam Scone from thee legendary Sugarman 3) latest long player, As the Screw Turns, a flood of inquiries poured into Daptone HQ as to whether or not there would be a 45 pressed of the lead single Canned Champagne. After mulling it over for a few seconds Daptone brass came back with a resounding Yes! We're talking, heavy, heavy funk here people. The Recipe? Take one heaping helping of hard-nosed drums, a double dose of off-the-wall organ, a pinch of chicken-scratch guitar, and slather it all in the greasy vocals stylings of rising star, Jason Joshua, and what you get is quite possibly the rawest slab of party funk to hit the scene since the heady days of Desco and Soul Fire records. Flip this puppy over and you'll find yourself doubling down on the funk fire with the Instrumental version - not available anywhere else! Let's go, party people! It's time to let your funk flag fly!

Scone Cash Players - Canned Champagne 7" Single Released 20/12/19


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