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After bum-rushing the '80s with Emotional Rescue, the Stones released Tattoo You, The second half of a potent one-two album punch that showed the band asserting themselves as they entered their third decade of music-making. essentially made up of songs dating as far back as 1972 sessions for Goats Head Soup, the Stones' 1981 release is still a potent slab of swagger and sass. Hang Fire is a tight two-minute and twenty second redefinition of surf music, and Start Me Up is classic stones, replete with Jagger's sexual braggadocio and Keith's patented Honky Tonk Women - style riffs. the bluesy shuffle that is Black Limousine is only surpassed by the cocky Little T and A, sung by an endearingly raspy Keith Richards. Most impressive on Tattoo You is the wistful Waiting on a Friend, featuring jazz giant Sonny Rollins wailing away on his saxophone as the song fades out.

Rolling Stones - TattooYou (Half-Speed Master) LP

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