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Mr Ben and The Bens is the brainchild of polymath musician Ben Hall. The record is an experimental pop exploration of a kitchen sink narrative with a celestial twist. Originating from Lancaster’s thriving co-operative DIY scene, Ben is now based in Sheffield and his adopted city has had a profound influence on the concept of the new album. With Who Knows Jenny Jones, he tells the tale of a shrinking violet called Jenny from Sheffield who gets abducted by aliens and becomes the best disco dancer in town. For the new album, Ben played all the instruments himself in his tiny room in Sheffield. He branches away from his lo-fi acoustic folk roots to embrace more electronic territory, exploring a new sonic palette whilst still occupying the signature world of MBatB. Ben has a canny knack of writing songs that reflect his ability to see the noteworthy in the everyday. His ear for melody shines through the songwriting, blending lo-fi experimental folk-pop with an emphasis on melody and lyricism, inspired artists including The Velvet Underground, Jeff Tweedy, Of Montreal and Cate le Bon.

Mr Ben And The Bens - Who Knows Jenny Jones? LP Released 22/11/19


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