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"I've been thinking lately 'bout the people I meet," sings Prine at the beginning of 'Fish and Whistle'. Yes, we all think about those people, but only Prine can relay their (or his own) heartbreaking stories in such a heartwarming fashion. The bulk of this cozy record was recorded at an intimate solo-acoustic show at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, California, and is augmented by a pair of full-band cuts recorded at Nashville's Cannery plus one duet each with Bonnie Raitt and Steve Goodman. Even longtime Prine collectors will relish these pared-down tender readings for the snug setting calls even more attention to Prine's uncanny eye for detail, his acute empathy for human suffering, and ultimately, his ability to find humour where most only find misery. And try not to crack an "illegal smile" when the whole crowd sings along with him.

John Prine - Live LP Released 11/12/20

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