Three-piece power trio Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something release their debut album Oh Really, What’s That Then? An introspective journey through psychedelic glam-rock nightmares, woozy flows of self-discovery and beguiling lyrics delivered with subtlety and intensity. Jemma is your guide inthis strange country, illuminating a path for you. In reality, they’re as lost as the listener. In this hinterland, thoughts tumble on top of each other and the shadows cast by their images overwhelm. Hear a track in isolation and you might expose roots of its origins - from the exuberant T. Rex-esque strings of Black Rain, to the snarling Hole like guitars of Tasteless - but the archaeology of their sound is not so easily uncovered.

Jemma Freeman & The Cosmic Something - Oh Really, What's That Then? CD 18/10/19

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