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Continuously pushing the envelope as an artist and never one for conventional norms, Jamie Lenman is back to release Shuffle, an album that at its very heart is a covers album.

Exploring the idea of the ‘shuffle’, where the listener goes on a journey of their own choosing, Jamie explores the notion of skipping through a variety of media picking out favourites and stumbling upon interesting curveballs to create a playlist unique to the listener. Shuffle is Jamie’s ambitious artistic take on this idea.

With producer Space (Idles, Black Futures) returning to realise this vision, the album is not only limited to reimagined songs – it covers television themes, film scores, and the music from his favourite video game. It’s not even limited to music – there is a cover of a chapter from his favourite book and a scene from a short film, in his debut acting performance with his favourite actor (none other than Paul McGann - Doctor Who / Withnail and I).

Jamie Lenman - Shuffle CD Released 05/07/19


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