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Reissue of a widely acknowledged classic of electronic music, originally released in 1994 and now available on the group’s own Evolution label, fully remastered from the original DAT tapes, with care taken to retain the full dynamics of the original recordings. Accompanied by in-depth sleevenotes by Ben Cardew and a beautifully updated gatefold sleeve design by Mark Gowing. This is the definitive edition of one of the best records released in the entire decade. Hailed by The Guardian as "an unfathomably beautiful out-of-time masterpiece" and no.11 in Mixmag’s best dance albums of all time.

Whilst the faintly recognisable DNA of Detroit techno is apparent in the music, it also exists comfortably alongside the finest film soundtrack work of Vangelis and Tangerine Dream, the groundbreaking run of late-70s instrumental albums of Brian Eno, contemporary albums such as Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works series and The KLF’s Chill Out, and in the use of texture and harmony to convey incredibly moving abstract soundscapes, there’s also a connection to the exploratory guitar music of My Bloody Valentine or the groups defined as post-rock.

Global Communication are the legendary duo of Tom Middelton and Mark Pritchard. They began recording in 1991 and in a short space of time released a huge amount of music collectively and individually, in a broad range of styles, including records under names such as Link, E621, Reload, The Chameleon and Jedi Knights, but it’s the work they made together as Global Communication that has proved to be the most enduring.

Global Communication - 76:14 (Remastered Edition) LP

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