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On his third album for 577 Records, Ornette Colemans drummer G. Calvin Weston hits us with notes both on and off the beat, that mark the time and space of sound, with edgy and sharp melodies. If you listen carefully, you'll hear an obsessive bass-line that incites the explosion of rhythm. Dust and Ash is like a sand storm that changes direction with the wind and tries to imprison the traveler. If you hear it without anchors or safety nets, it is like an abstraction that draws a perfect shape. It is like a voyage without departure or arrival points, in which a womans voice allows itself to be cuddled by the shadows of a piano and dances with them before taking off. This is the sound of the vital resistance of a native Philadelphian. Listen to this album to keep getting lost. Listen to this album to be found. Listen to this album to forget those thoughts that want to tame your vitality. Listen to this album to imagine a story, your story. This music is like a gift, a source of doubts, catharsis, and passion.

G. Calvin Weston With The Phoenix Orchestra - Dust And Ash LP Released 05/07/19


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