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Deutsche Ashram follow up their debut Deeper And Deeper with the release of Whisper Om. Recorded and mixed at Saggar’s Soundation Studio, and mastered in Berlin at D&M, Whisper Om is a neo-pop opus, with the bands homespun sound now developed into something more spacious and immersive; tracks like Stumbleweed sound like a club anthem anaesthetised and played at 33rpm, and the narcotic, shamanistic rhythms of Glitterheap cement the band as a formidable unit. Material dipped headlong into some of the things that make humans tick: love, loss, and desire. The album features much-loved Deutsche Ashram hallmarks - the combination of space and intimacy, the unmistakable interplay between Saggar’s guitars and Verbeek’s vocals - returning to the duo’s underground rock past with the stylistic playfulness and variety of a modern mixtape.

Deutsche Ashram - Whisper Om LP Released 14/02/20

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