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‘Cut People’ fixes up and looks sharp with the DJ/producer supersonic tag team that is H.P. Lovescratch and DJ J-Man. The Tampere two made hands clap by ‘Droppin’ Needles’ alongside Soundsci (U-George, Oxygen and Audessey) in 2017, and join forces here with NYC’s The Good People (previous collaborators with DJ Format, Boca45 and Large Professor) for a firin’ six track Fabyl EP. As Good People emcees Emskee and Saint introduce themselves as deceptively nimble in their
quip-heavy devastation, the Beetlez scuttle into your eardrums with old skool aesthetic spliced with audacious samples, a quickfire sense of fun and a truckload of deck shredding. The Guru-sampling ‘Bad News’ becomes good company for your boombox by mixing disaster movie memes with jazz-and-double bass beats. Next, ‘Then’ chronicles “the last of the flow-hicans” while a music box powers off needle fluff and J-Zone-style bumps. ‘100% Dis’ lays down a train of Dixieland jazz
wrecking early 80s ones and twos, and ‘Wildest’ closes out the EP by tipping its Stetson in a B-boy stance as both crews tread the boards. With Finland currently ranking as the world’s happiest country, the Cut Beetlez go for theirs by bringing grins to a golden age groove. 

Cut Beetlez & The Good People - Cut People EP Released

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