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Released in 1978, just as disco began to peak, C'est Chic and its pair of dancefloor anthems, Le Freak and I Want Your Love, put Chic at the top of that dizzying peak. The right album at the right time, C'est Chic is essentially a rehash of Chic, the group's so-so self-titled debut from a year earlier. That first album also boasted a pair of floor-filling anthems, Dance Dance Dance and Everybody Dance, and, like C'est Chic, it filled itself out with a mix of disco and ballads. So, essentially, C'est Chic does everything its predecessor did, except it does so masterfully: each side similarly gets its timeless floor-filler (Le Freak, I Want Your Love), quiet storm come-down (Savoir Faire, At Last I Am Free), feel-good album track (Happy Man, Sometimes You Win), and moody album capper (Chic Cheer, [Funny] Bone). Half Speed Remastered 180 Gram Black Vinyl LP.

Chic - C'est Chic - Half Speed Mastered LP Released 21/06/19

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