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A huge moment for the trio, Rtrn II Jungle marks fifteen years since the group started releasing music and touring the world. With this landmark moment in mind, Chase and Status have gone back to their roots and their passion - Jungle music. The genre that sculpted their career in the 90’s is back, and will be re-crafted in an authentic way. Instead of sampling Dancehall, the group have gone back to Jamaica - creating their own new music to sample, and forging an organic and irresistible sound. Chase and Status are Will Kennard, Saul Milton and MC Rage. They are one of the most successful British bands of the past decade. Their groundbreaking debut album More Than A Lot is certified Gold, and was followed by sophomore album No More Idols - the second best-selling UK album by a British band in the year of its release. Having now surpassed double platinum status, No More Idols included the smash hit UK top 5 single Blind Faith featuring Liam Bailey, as well as UK top 10 End Credits featuring Plan B. Chase and Status’ third studio album Brand New Machine debuted at no. 2 in the album charts and spawned two top ten singles for the band. Going full circle with fashion to how we were in the 90’s, 2018 sees the youth flashing designer labels, and listening to music that elevates their image further. Jungle is at the forefront of that, and Rtrn II Jungle is set to floor fans and critics alike.

Chase And Status - Return II Jungle

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